The formal release of Samsung’s newest devices, the Galaxy S23 series and Galaxy Book 3 laptop range, is only a few days away. The IT company has since developed another incredible technological improvement. According to sources, Samsung has registered a trademark for a novel display technology that may be used in forthcoming goods. Samsung looks to be moving forward steadily in its display production division. The business is advancing its OLED technology.

The facts are supported by reports from GalaxyClub. The IT company, according to the report, has applied for a trademark in South Korea. According to reports, the word “Lifelike Pixels” is the subject of a trademark filing. It is not yet apparent how this new the will function. But we can be sure that the tech industry will use this breakthrough technology to the OLED displays of its next tablets and smartphones. But these items won’t be the only ones using the technology. We may anticipate it appearing on other goods and gadgets including laptops, smartwatches, and AR/VR displays.

It’s interesting to note that the tech company applied for the trademark of the phrase “Flex Hybrid” on the same day as the above-mentioned trademark. The newest display type that the firm offers is Flex Hybrid. It has the ability to simultaneously slide and fold. It is particularly designed for computers that can fold down to smaller sizes in the future. The business has also developed three more display panels in addition to this. These consist of Flex Slideable Solo, Flex Slideable Duet, and Flex In & Out.

On the other hand, if we had to speculate about the forthcoming Lifelike Pixels technology, it would likely include an OLED display with better colour fidelity. But up to this point, this is all we know. We shall learn more about the technology as time goes on.

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