Canada Immigration: Obtaining a provincial nomination might help you get permanent status in Canada.

This week, British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island sent invitations for applicants to apply through provincial immigration programmes (PNPs), according to CIC news. Except for Quebec and Nunavut, the majority of Canadian provinces and territories run their own PNPs, through which interested persons may be asked to apply for provincial nomination. Obtaining a provincial nomination might help you achieve permanent residence in Canada.

The four provinces that have given PNP invites are as follows:

Quebec: On November 24, the government asked 998 skilled individuals to apply for permanent selection, followed by an additional 513 on December 1. Though the draw on November 24 did not target specific NOCs, the draw on December 1 did. CIC provided information. Quebec invitees to apply for permanent selection have 60 days to submit their application and pay processing expenses.

British Columbia: Over 188 candidates were asked to seek for provincial nomination on December 6. A targeted tech draw included 144 of these possibilities. Invitations were sent to candidates in the skilled worker and overseas graduates categories, as well as express entrance applicants. Candidates for the tech draw had to have a minimum SIRS score of 95.

Manitoba: A total of 305 candidates were invited to participate in the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program. Skilled employees in Manitoba received 206 invites with a minimum score of 775, while skilled workers overseas received 43 invitations with a minimum score of 673. The international education stream awarded 56 invitations with no scoring requirement.

Prince Edward Island: On December 1, 69 applicants were invited through the labour and expedited entrance streams. So far, Prince Edward Island has invited 1,721 candidates for the year 2022.

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