Six pupils from an Edmonton Catholic junior high school have been suspended as a result of an incident being investigated by police.

Due to the current investigation and the ages of the children involved, media has opted not to name the school where all six pupils attend.

According to an Edmonton Catholic Schools statement, the incident started off school grounds last week and subsequently spilled over into the school.

According to Global News, they spoke with two parents of students who attend the school, and their children were either questioned or spoken to about a video that was circulating among students at the school.
The Edmonton Police Service, on the other hand, stated that it is investigating a claim of a sexual assault involving a minor. According to sources, cops were present at the school this week.

According to one parent, her daughter went home and told her that an EPS officer had spoken with her class about “child pornography” and “sexual material.”

Edmonton Catholic Schools stated that it is working with pupils to highlight duties related to digital citizenship and media sharing.

According to the CEO of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, this is a topic that parents should discuss with their children.

“They’re receiving information in areas they shouldn’t be getting it, and that’s what they’re doing,” Mary Jane James explained. “It’s really, very frightening.” That cannot be overstated.”

According to James, sexual assault and consent education is required in Alberta, although it does not begin until Grade 11. She feels it is four years too late.

One parent who contacted with Global News described the scenario as regrettable and stated that they would have liked the school share the same information with parents as it did with pupils.

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