LinkedIn Newsletters Can Now Help You Improve Your Job Search.
LinkedIn just launched a new Newsletter tool to aid job searchers in building communities and advancing their careers.
Previously, the platform introduced Articles for Pages, which made it easier for users to create long-form free content with the goal of sparking meaningful dialogues and increasing engagement. The site is now using newsletters to expand on its concept.
When you create and post a new newsletter on LinkedIn, all of your page followers receive an automated, one-time notification. You also have the option to distribute your material outside of the company’s platform in order to reach a larger and more diversified audience.

You may also build a community of opt-in subscribers who will get on-platform and email notifications anytime new material is published after your newsletter is up and running. This feature’s main selling point is that it’s free, which means you don’t need to pay for LinkedIn premium to start building a community; simply browse the site and start sharing your newsletters right away.

Aside from newsletters, the platform has updated its Campaign Manager interface to make it easier for customers to manage their advertising campaigns. Users may now spend less time maintaining and more time executing and planning successful campaigns on LinkedIn thanks to the company’s new Campaign Manager, which now follows a normal campaign lifecycle: Plan, Advertise, Test, Analyze. It also allows you to move between numerous accounts and has easy access to account settings and asset management.

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