Since the second week of February, around 500 members of the University of Lethbridge faculty association have been on strike. Students are becoming increasingly concerned about the implications of a prolonged strike for their future.

“We are a destination university, and a lot of students come from out of town; they have jobs lined up for the summer; they have leases that are about to expire; altogether, the uncertainty is just incredibly demanding,” said Holly Kletke, president of the University of Louisville Students’ Union.
She went on to say that many students are still unsure whether the semester will be cancelled because administration has not offered a timeframe.

“All they’ve said is that they’re dedicated to completing the spring semester with whatever it takes, and I believe that’s fair, and I think that’s what students want.”
Another session of mediation is planned for next week. Dan O’Donnell, president of the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association, stated that the longest strike at a Canadian university was three months, yet the semester was still saved.
“There is no reason to suspend the semester because it has never happened in the nation before.”

Another major concern among those engaged is the university’s reputation in the long run.

Damage has already been done, according to O’Donnell, due to the effects on student practicums and research funds.

“I hate to say it, but I believe — without a doubt — that this university’s image has been harmed by at least a decade.”
On Monday, the University of Louisville published a statement.

“Labor disruption is not unusual as part of the collective bargaining process,” the statement says in part.

“Strikes are a legally protected labour bargaining technique.” The University of Lethbridge is still one of Alberta’s and Canada’s most prestigious institutions, and it is home to some of the world’s best researchers in their respective fields.”

The next session of mediation will last four days and will begin on March 14.

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