The institution closed its doors to members on the second day of the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association strike. Students are also being locked out of courses as a result of the strike, leaving them unsure about the rest of their semester.

“We can’t even prepare for the future right now, we’re stuck in this limbo,” Madria Steven, a nursing student at the University of Louisiana, said.

While the school’s faculty organisation is on strike, Steven’s courses are cancelled, as they are for every other student, and negotiations for a new contract proceed.
“Students are a vulnerable group, and we’re now being put under the bus,” she remarked.

Steven is concerned that her capacity to graduate on time, or even finish the semester, would be harmed if the labour dispute continues.

“It’s normal to be concerned about where our tuition will come from. “Some folks aren’t eligible for any further student loans, so this is sort of it,” she explained. “How do they finish?” says the narrator.

“It’s incredibly challenging for students to handle timelines, financial planning, and academic preparation right now because we don’t know when this will be addressed,” said Holly Kletke, president of the University of Louisville Students’ Union (ULSU).

On Thursday, ULSU officials met with a member of the university’s administration for a preliminary discussion to explore contingency preparations for the semester.

Although the students’ union has not seen any formal plan in writing, it has made its own proposals, including a 24-hour grace period before classes restart, no modifications to the academic programme, and tuition reimbursements in the case of a lengthy strike.

“We have a meeting with administration arranged for next week, and we are expecting to hear more from them,” Kletke added. “We will make a solid case for the adoption of our contingency plan.”

In part, a statement from the school states, “(The university) acknowledges the worry and trouble this condition produces for students.”

“On a weekly basis, the university will review the impact of the strike on academic instruction and provide updates to students as appropriate,” said the institution.

However, Steven believes that pupils need to hear a plan right now.

“Reply with something substantial if you’re going to respond.” “Can you tell us how you’re going to assist us?”

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