‘Officer, please do your job.’ ‘I want my life back,’ says a Nigerian applicant.
Would-be immigrants from all over the world are looking for information on a Canadian immigration officer who has mainly ignored their applications for years. They are unsure whether the individual is still employed, assigned to their case, or even exists.

Several permanent residence (PR) candidates told CBC News that they were assigned to an officer at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada known only as “DM10032” (IRCC).

They’re all from outside of Canada, applied in 2019, and their applications have been stalled since March 2020. Both the Ottawa visa office and the Sydney, N.S. visa office process applications.

According to CBC News Applicants who talked with CBC claim they are aware of dozens of others who are applying under DM10032 and have banded together online for moral support. They describe their ordeal as torturous and terrible, unable to make important life decisions while waiting for their applications to be processed faster by Canada’s immigration service. The entire process was predicted to take roughly six months prior to the pandemic.

Temitope Ogunlade of Nigeria, who has been waiting for her PR for more than two years, stated, “I feel victimised.”

“Please, officer DM10032, I’m appealing with you… Please, officer, carry out your duties. I’d like to reclaim my life.”

CBC News has gone via internet forums where many people have expressed their disappointments with DM10032, calling it “slow,” “useless,” and “quiet,” and even speculating that they are on vacation or, jokingly, “asleep.”

Under the IRCC’s administrative structure, officers are represented as codes.

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