(Web Desk) Two police officers were dismissed for ignoring a robbery in process to play Pokemon Go.

According to court papers, two officers from the Los Angeles Police Department, Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, had their appeal against “several charges of misconduct” refused after they were discovered ignoring work on duty hours many times.

A recording by the digital in-car video system revealed that the two policemen were also observed playing Pokemon on their phones while on duty, completely ignoring the theft in process (DICVS).

The heist happened in a Macy’s department store, with numerous thieves involved in the illegal activity, while Lozano and Mitchell ignored the calls and continued playing the game, driving into an alley just a few feet away from the scene of the crime.

While the two police claimed they did not hear the radio call, the DICVS subsequently determined that they did hear the cops reacting to the problem on the radio call but agreed to disregard the call regardless.

The tapes showed both policemen having fun and paying little attention to the ongoing crime. Mitchell exclaimed in enthusiasm “caught em” after capturing the Snorlax and then said “don’t run away, don’t run away,” completely immersed in the game, while the other officer Lozano also added to the gaming dialogue by stating “I got you a new Pokemon today, bro.” “The males are going to be envious.”

According to a report named ‘Death by Pokemon Go,’ the game is also causing an increase in traffic accidents.

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