Webdesk : According to Apple’s most recent App Store numbers, the corporation paid out roughly $60 billion to developers in 2021. Following Apple’s decision to cut the commission collected from smaller developers, the latest data show an increase in money paid to developers compared to previous years. Customers spent “more than ever” on the App Store between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, according to the business, though it did not share the overall amount spent by all customers during that time.

Since the inception of the App Store in 2008, the Cupertino-based corporation has announced that developers have earned over $260 billion, a jump of about $60 billion since Apple last revealed these data a year ago.

The top popular apps and games on the App Store are updated on a regular basis by Apple. Apple announced in January 2018 that developers had earned $86 billion since the App Store launched, implying that the figure has increased by more than $170 billion in the last four years.

As previously stated, Apple’s numbers on remuneration to developers show an increase in App Store earnings. Apple revised its App Store commission policy in November 2020, collecting 15% of sales for the “vast majority” of developers who earn less than $1 million in annual sales across all of their apps. Apple also revealed that if a developer’s business exceeded a certain threshold, they would be subject to a 30% commission.

According to the firm’s numbers, there were 745 million subscriptions from users on the business’s platforms, which were shared between Apple and developers on the App Store, which continues to generate revenue for the company and developers. Customers’ spending increased by double digits between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, although the corporation did not divulge the exact figure.

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